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You know… people talk a lot of shit about slash shippers and ‘omg they’re just friends’, but I’ve heard plenty of guys tell me that on-screen guy relationships, particularly the ones most slashed, are kinda weird because ‘no guy looks at another guy like that/does stuff for another guy like that/etc for another guy like that unless they’re actually gay.’

So which is it - are slash fans reading too much into it and guys on tv are just more emotionally available to their guy friends and all the guys I hear saying stuff like that just emotionally stunted males or are men on tv more emotionally available and particularly inclined to be bisexual or entirely trip over the line into homosexual? (read “women” too - this is not a gender slanted question)

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"Do I think that I’m smarter than you? You’re damn right I do. But if you think this means that I can’t kick your ass up and down this floor… take a swing and see what happens."

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we all know who Derek’s lawyers are


I’ve only seen one episode of Angel in my life but the idea of Angel in a room with Derek Hale is too important to describe in simple words.  It would probably take a genius painting on the ceiling of a chapel to even begin to convey

"Oh my god," Cordy says. "He’s you as a werewolf."

Angel scowls. Derek scowls. Fred takes a picture. For science.

"Oh damn Harvey’s such a badass. That’s so hot. Um. I mean… I … I want to be like him?"

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Decided to watch Suits today because I just missed my boys so much. Guess what episode I started with???????????



What makes this episode so special you ask? Here let me tell you:

1) Mike tells Rachel that Harvey doesn’t know about Grammy passing away because he doesn’t want to burden Harvey with the news, since he has a lot going on himself. 


2) Mike blows up at Harvey,in front of the entire bullpen, because his grief gets the better of him (we lash out to our loved ones, just so you all know) Harvey doesn’t get pissed off or threaten to fire him. He puts on his Authority Voice and tells Mike to go home. He knows Mike needs the structure, he needs someone to tell him what to do. (YEAH I GOT A DOM!HARVEY KINK SO WHAT) and Mike listens


3) Harvey gets frustrated with his work and admits he doesn’t know ANY of the associates besides Mike. He also fucking POUTS when Donna ask why he sent Mike away in the first place, because ‘he thought he would come back.’ 


4) Harvey has a shit day, so where does he go? TO MIKE’S PLACE. 


5) When Mike looks at Harvey he kinda just deflates. He tells him about grammy and Harvey admits to knowing already and that he could tell Mike wasn’t ready to deal with it so he gave him stuff to keep him busy. Harvey took his lead. Harvey could tell how he felt by looking at him. 


6) Harvey barges into Mikes apartment and they have ‘bro time’. Which consist of them getting stoned and being silly, but also… SHARING FEELINGS!!!!!!!!


7) They go on an adventure to pull a prank when Harvey decides to share the secret of the Can Opener. IF THAT ISN’T A DECLARATION IDK WHAT IS. 


8) they do Lawyer Things while stoned but hey, it works out! It’s always amazing seeing them work together totally in sync. *heart in my eyes*


9) Mike sits in on the partners meeting because he brings Harvey his smoking gun and they do the funny banter thing when Mike ask if he can vote too and Harvey says “go ahead” and then the boys join their badass ladies in a celebration.


10) I’m only adding this because COME ON I WAS ONE AWAY FROM A FULL TEN. This episode just really shows Mike and Harvey’s relationship development. How Harvey really relies on Mike, to the point the he kinda gets frazzled when he’s not around. just-


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Wear My Name by Lunarflare14 (kaylizle) | Ongoing, 51253 words, Fake marriage + Romance

"Harvey has always put on a good show at work. He has put a lot of effort into the smoke and mirrors act, and it had worked to his advantage- until now. Backed into a corner by a law he can’t side-step, he decides Mike is his only way out. They’re getting married, and Mike really has no say in it. Alludes to but does not strictly follow the plot of the movie "The Proposal"(2009)

The main plot is complete.”