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No seriously - Mike listened to the managing partner. Yes he should have gone to Harvey about it, but that doesn’t mean that everyone but Louis should back out on him for following orders. (and so many kudos to that relationship’s growth, but then sad for Louis cause now him and Nigel are about passed the point of no return too)

Donna. Harvey. Rachel (cause she flip flopped three times in just this episode, so don’t get me started on what shit storm she can cause when she loses it). Jessica can’t be trusted - even Harvey can’t trust her right now. Darby sure as hell can’t be trusted… yet. I mean, Mike made a friend in I.T., but he’s gonna need his god damn family back if he’s gonna last at all. They’re making him an orphan again. But Donna? What happened to “Don’t Kick The Dog”? You know how much Harvey needs this relationship. You know he’s better now. Why on Earth would you think helping him kick Mike out of his life would be for his benefit?

This show.

This. Show.