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#harvey is getting super personal with mike #probably more than he ever has before #and of course mike’s default is to give him shit for it #and harvey just rolls with it because he can hear the truth behind mike’s words #Suits #a show about two straight men who fall in love with each other only they can’t admit it to themselves or each other

#my headcanon is this: #harvey is already in love with mike #and he knows it #he’s felt it from the start and he’s fought for mike and he just wants to be with him #but mike’s not there yet #has no idea that harvey feels that way #he’s all tangled up with the women in his life — before jenny and now rachel and tess #but he’ll figure it out one day #and harvey will be there #waiting for him #for this moment when they can finally just be

#I can actually see the scene where Mike finally comes to Harvey #just looks at him #and Harvey knows he doesn’t have to wait any longer #even though he would have #because Mike is worth it #so worth it #he was just waiting for Mike to figure that out

The day Mike walked into the office without his tie on, Harvey knew. It had been two months since Mike’s relationship with Tess came to a crashing halt, one month since Rachel decided she would never date him. Harvey hadn’t been upset over either loss, though he’d given Mike the benefit of pretending to sympathize.

Harvey just couldn’t be upset at Mike losing a girlfriend. He’d liked Mike from the moment he’d met the kid in that interview, but when Mike was still a screw up and a nobody. He’d liked Mike when he got better suits and whenever he referenced a movie. He liked Mike when he smiled and acted like a child. Truth was, he even liked Mike when he did something stupid and messed up. Harvey couldn’t hate Mike… because it had been a long time since Harvey had decided to love him.

He’d known Mike was interested, didn’t bat for one team over the other, but he’d also known Mike wasn’t ready to bat for Harvey’s. Mike read books. Harvey read people, and he knew Mike would take time. Time and three girlfriends, each one cutting into Harvey like they knew he was waiting. Time and family loss, where Mike didn’t act like Mike, and Harvey feared he’d lost him. Just time.

But today Mike walked in, slipped one hand in his pocket, and looked at Harvey - really looked. He stood there that afternoon, when he was usually at lunch, and he seemed to be doing the waiting. Mike face didn’t change, was the same face Harvey had instilled there with law and lessons, but his eyes were fully Mike. It was the eyes that told Harvey what day it was.

Mike put his hand on the desk corner, not even bending over, and looked down at Harvey. Neither said a word for a moment, and then Harvey put his hand on Mike’s. Mike looked down at their hands, skin touching skin, and Harvey did too after a moment. Then Mike looked to the window, took a deep breath. Harvey ran his fingers over Mike’s knuckles.

"Tonight," Mike said and glanced down at Harvey in that way he had that didn’t look shy at all but rather conveyed determination. "We’ll talk."

Harvey smiled then, because Mike was giving him orders. Usually Harvey would throw a comeback at that, but today he just smiled. “My place,” he said.

Mike slowly, ever so slowly, pulled his hand from Harvey’s and took a step back from the desk. He smiled at Harvey, a sort of relief spreading over his features. He rolled his shoulders and let out a breathy laugh as he turned for the door. Harvey didn’t say a word. He didn’t even know where to start. Mike left back into the halls after a quick glance back. Tonight. They’d talk tonight. And Harvey Specter smiled. The wait was over.