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orchestra player/pianist and concertgoer AU MARVEY

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Jazz in the Blood


Being a creature of the night was more difficult than people gave it credit for, really. It was more than avoiding the sun – it was the constant desire for more, for more blood, more wine, more music, more sex – whatever the vice of the night happened to be. What Harvey was could be characterized by one word – insatiable.

There is one vice he lets himself indulge on - Jazz. And that’s where he discovers a young musician with bright blue eyes and siren blood. A relationship for someone like Harvey only ends in one way… or does it?

Top Five Scenes from Anything You've Watched (they don't need to be from the same thing, just your five favorite scenes ever)

I’m totally gonna forget some that are awesome but here we go!

In no particular order:

- Fitz admitting his feelings for Jemma and sacrificing himself in “Beginning of the End” (Agents of Shield)

-  Jim Hawkins solar surfing across Treasure Planet and almost dying but eventually saving the day (Treasure Planet)

- The final confrontation with the Nogitsune in “The Divine Move” (Teen Wolf) (Hell, every scene with that sadistic badass)

- Chris’ death scene in Charmed (no I’m lying. Strike that. I’m crying. I hate love that whole two part finale. Fuck you, writers.)

- Breaking Magneto out of The Pentagon (X-Men Days of Future Past)

- Mike and Harvey doing drugs in “High Noon” (Suits)

Runner ups:

- Sam running through the airport to tell Joanna he loves her (Love Actually). (Or maybe every climax scene for every pairing in that movie. <3)

- Tohru confronting Kyo after his transformation into the deformed cat spirit (Fruits Basket) (Or most of their scenes together, like comforting him on the roof while Kagura was there or talking about people in relation to rice balls before the school festival)