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Spiderman Similarities

So far I’m seeing a few similarities between The Amazing Spiderman 2 and the old Spiderman 3. and that’s not really a good thing.

  1. Three villains in one film
  2. One of those villains seems to have been generally a ‘nice guy’ before getting in a freak accident that turns him into a barely-human villain.
  3. One of those villains is Harry Osborne/Goblin related
  4. The third villain is going to piss comic fans off by their portrayal in the movie not matching the comics.
  5. Peter letting fame get the best of him

do you ever think about how Captain George Stacy and Peter Parker’s relationship would have gone if Stacy hadn’t died?

He’d have been so stupidly protective of him. like ‘no you listen to me. you stop running into dangerous fights. i cant have you bleeding all over my floor. think about gwen. think about your aunt, stupid kid. shut up and stop whining, i’m just using disinfectant. seriously. such a dumb kid. why’d it have to be you? no i’m not arresting you, but i might if you keep doing this to me.’

Marvel - Angels on the Moon

Creator: Setsire (YT) / DLanaDHZ (Tumblr)

Movies/Shows Included:
The Avengers,
Captain America,
Iron Man 1 & 2,
The Incredible Hulk,
The Amazing Spiderman,
Marvel’s Agents of Shield

Audio: “Angels on the Moon” by Thriving Ivory

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So I liked this version of Flash Thompson a lot better than the one in the 2002 Spider-Man because he had humanizing moments like this one instead of being a two-dimensional jock stereotype.

#wow this is back

at the end flash is almost holding his hands, not in a slash way, but in a i get it man, i understand kind oh way and it always makes my insides kinda shimmy

Also, IIRC, every incarnation of Flash in the comics was physically abused by his father. This is a big part of why Flash was a bully.

His going “Feels better?” is because Flash of all people knows that lashing out at someone else can make your own pain seem less bad for a while. 

i applaud all of the above comments

Thank you for being wonderful people