There comes time when everyone wants to become someone great, someone their friends and relatives would be honored to know. I say it's time to start building that groundwork.

My name is Rebecca, and I am a writer. See the side page about my fanfiction to find a good read.

Can't find it? REQUEST IT! :D Sometimes I'm picky, but I'm always open for suggestions on what my next fic endeavor should be.
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i still hope for an assassins creed game where we play as shaun killing people with his computer

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the best sentence to sum up sherlock in this episode is “he tried so hard”, and it absolutely guts me because he tried to be everything for everyone, yet there was no one for him in the end. he did everything for john, was sweet to molly, protective over mary, even cordial to mycroft, but he’s only sherlock holmes, the prick, the person no one wants to be around, and i’m certain, 100% certain, that he thinks there’s nothing left for him now but to be alone. he had no one do dance with, has never had, and now john is gone. he leaves because he thinks no one will miss him, or notice it, or care, and that hurts.

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So I liked this version of Flash Thompson a lot better than the one in the 2002 Spider-Man because he had humanizing moments like this one instead of being a two-dimensional jock stereotype.

#wow this is back

at the end flash is almost holding his hands, not in a slash way, but in a i get it man, i understand kind oh way and it always makes my insides kinda shimmy

Also, IIRC, every incarnation of Flash in the comics was physically abused by his father. This is a big part of why Flash was a bully.

His going “Feels better?” is because Flash of all people knows that lashing out at someone else can make your own pain seem less bad for a while. 

i applaud all of the above comments

Thank you for being wonderful people


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Gwaine died thinking he failed his friend.

Elyan died protecting someone he loved.

Leon and Percival died loyal to the end.

Lancelot died sacrificing himself to save the world.

Gaius died alone.

Gwen died heartbroken.

Uther died using his last breathe to protect his family.

Mordred died fighting for what he believed in.

Morgana died full of anger.

Arthur died thankful.

And Merlin lived on feeling all of that.